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Hello World, and welcome to the Conestoga Computer Science Club website! In addition to our weekly meetings (on Mondays in room 2005), we organize a variety of events throughout the year. Our flagship event is hackStoga (Stoga's annual hackathon), but we also organize a Scratchathon, two CodeFests, and participate and sometimes win local events. You should join our Schoology group!


Philadelphia Classic
➔ Fall 1st Place Novice Division (2018)Matt Gusdorff, Rohit Chatterjee, Mihir Dhamankar
➔ Spring 1st Place Novice Division (2017)Jason Tu, Isaac Singer, Gary Lu
➔ Spring 2nd Place Novice Division (2015)Jason Tu, Orion Forowycz, Aaron Lee
➔ Spring Top 10 (2015)Dennis Lee, Jeffrey Huang, Michael Tao, Narahari Bharadwaj
➔ Spring Top 10 (2013)
➔ 3rd Place (2012)Jed Thompson, Jichao Sun, Scott Shi, Allen Zhu

➔ Top 10 and Best Mobile App (2017)Jason Tu, Jason Kim, Orion Forowycz

MIT Blueprint
➔ Most Spirited (2018)Aaron Lee, Brady Monroe
➔ Best Continued Hack (2017)Jason Tu, Vikas Chelur, Michael Fan
➔ 3rd Place Novice Division (2016)Jason Tu, Jason Kim, Orion Forowycz, Aaron Lee

➔ Best Usage of AWS (2016)Jason Tu, Richard Xu
➔ Best Education Hack (2016)Jack Damasco, et al.

Swarthmore College Local Hack Day
➔ Best Overall (2016)Jason Tu, Michael Fan, Orion Forowycz, Richard Xu

Widener Programming Competition
➔ Spring Top 10 (2022)
➔ 3rd Place (2015)


We operate accounts on several sites, some of which are listed below:

Email — If you want to shoot us an email, you can reach us at

Github — Our GitHub organization page with all our repos (inlcuding this site)

Schoology — You can join our Schoology group by clicking this link or with the code MRV4S-28MM5


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